From Rebellious Spirit to Ecommerce Visionary

Meet Thomas Mulder, the founder driving disruption and positive change.

Thomas Mulder

Thomas Mulder isn't your typical CEO. Driven by an independent streak and a passion for carving his own path, he transformed his early entrepreneurial experiments into a multi-million dollar e-commerce empire. His journey is marked by rapid growth, a relentless commitment to learning, and a bold vision to revolutionize e-commerce with a focus on sustainability. Learn more about the founder who's leading GT Ecom into the future below.

For as far back as he can remember, Thomas has always had trouble following instructions from authorities. He was always challenging those above him, feeling that a “normal” life was never going to be his path.

Thomas Mulder, founder and CEO of GT Ecom, started to dip his toes into what was then the still-turbid pool of water called ‘online entrepreneurship’ in 2018. He coincidentally came across e-commerce after trying multiple other online business models.

Not long after starting with the ‘dropshipping’ model, he saw his first success and instantly fell in love with the magic of online marketing and e-commerce. GT Ecom was born, and in 2019, the milestone of the first 7 figures in online revenue was achieved!

Back in 2019, as is common with many start-ups led by inexperienced founders, GT Ecom's success depended a lot on ‘luck’. It was mostly a one-man show run by Thomas himself, constantly looking for the next big product to sell. As time went on, he started to develop a better eye for understanding which products to sell and how.

After the first year, Thomas knew he couldn’t sustain the growth all by himself. In the following year, he began to expand the team. The first people came together in a small office in Nieuwegein (The Netherlands), working enthusiastically to grow the company and open more online stores.

From a gardening hose to a kitchen knife, and from magnetic eyelashes to a sports bike saddle, they sold anything that was interesting and could add value to people's lives through their online stores and social media platforms.

After expanding from just the Dutch market to now include multiple stores all across Europe, GT Ecom was able to go from 7 figures in a year to making 7 figures in just 2 months by the end of 2020.

Helping Others

Around that same time, Thomas decided to use his knowledge to help others escape from jobs they disliked to owning their own online business, just as he did, and started his consultancy company. From a young age, Thomas remembers being the kid who derived the most enjoyment from learning a new trick and then teaching it to others, sometimes to a point where it probably must have been annoying. In his own words, he would say he’s a ‘natural teacher’ - which he now wanted to leverage to help others set up an online business. In the next two years after 2020, GT Ecom’s growth was no longer the priority, but it did maintain the revenue.

Next Level

That was until 2023 came around, and Thomas missed the enjoyment he got from doing e-commerce and decided it was time to take GT Ecom to the next level. In 2023, GT Ecom grew from a team of 10 to 50 people all around the world, and their sales tripled to over $5M in total revenue. Still making use of the dropshipping model, the focus shifted from selling just a few products to selling mass products. However, with this model, as expected, came a lot of challenges, and multiple times GT Ecom was barely able to survive. The difficulties in managing so many different products with such a complex supply chain make it a very challenging model, but also one with immense potential.

The Vision

GT Ecom is not planning to stop anytime soon, and if you’d ask Thomas, he’d say this is really only just the beginning. Thomas wants to completely shift the e-commerce market. In his opinion, as of right now, the e-commerce model of most online stores is too focused on the consumer and too little on the environment. Thomas is eager to find the perfect balance in maintaining customer satisfaction while building a supply chain and fulfillment model that is more environmentally friendly, for example by removing unnecessary trips in the delivery process. Currently, Thomas and his team are working hard on building a model that is very scalable, but more importantly, is going to make the world better.